On appreciating yourself more

The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘appreciation’ as: ‘the recognition and enjoyment
of the good qualities of someone or something’. Self-appreciation then, means having the
same attitude of recognition and enjoyment as well as respect and admiration for one’sown Self.

This article is an attempt to quickly inform you about how one can develop a deeper appreciation for one’s own self.

If there is one thing that I know for sure, it is: “you will have the longest, strongest and the most important connection with your own Self.” Just imagine, if your ‘Self’ i.e. mind, body and soul did not exist, it would not possible to have anything at all; including relationships, possessions and your life as a whole.

Another key point is that you can’t give something to another person that you yourself do not have. So how can you bring love and positivity to this world, your relationships, family and friends and work if you don’t love and appreciate yourself?

Let’s begin with how we can appreciate ourselves better.

1. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE. Every person is unique. When one starts deriving their sense of self-worth from comparison with others, that’s how all problems like jealousy, low self-esteem etc. arise. Respecting and valuing oneself as well as others is an important indicator of our species’ evolution.
Practicing self-admiration and working on your self respect will help you feel better about yourself. Try it some time. not comparing yourself to others and it surely feels awesome!

2. BE YOU. Be your own person. By this, I mean being your authentic Self. The true ‘you’…The real ‘you’. Don’t be a copy of someone. Be original. Be unique and stay unique. Because then, there will be nobody like you. And that is your power.

3. BE GRATEFUL for all that you have received thus far in your life and for whatever that will come your way. Appreciate what you already have in your life. Gratitude has statistically been proven to be one of the predictors of current and future happiness. It is simple logic: counting your blessings will give you an idea of how blessed you are. And this will help you focus on the brighter side of life and the positive aspects of own Self too.

4. LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SPEAK TO YOURSELF. What you tell yourself and how you talk to yourself has a really deep impact on your life. It becomes essential, if not crucial to have positive, accepting and unconditionally loving auto-suggestions and auto-talk.

5. YOUR JOURNEY IS YOURS ONLY AND NO ONE ELSE’S. Sounds obvious, right? Now, the next thing is to take responsibility for your life, including the way you see and feel about yourself. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. How true! If we truly love and respect ourselves, then it is really easy to keep our cool and not be offended when people are sometimes nasty.

6. REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE A LOT TO OFFER OTHERS. Your talent, beauty, experiences, wisdom, your affection, compassion, strength and love….all of these are so valuable. And they could really really help another being. Always remember: if any self-doubt that creeps in, it doesn’t belong in your awesome ‘Self’! Just keep reminding this to yourself…like a mantra.

7. SPEAK YOUR MIND. Be open and clear while communicating with others (and your self too) it is often the words you do no verbalise that haunt you for the longest time. As they say, speak your mind, even if your voice shakes. At the end of the day, at least you won’t regret that you didn’t say something.

8. DRAW INSPIRATION FROM OTHERS who unconditionally love themselves for who they are. Spend time with them. Ask them questions. And if their answers make sense to you, imbibe them in your lives. You can practice what they preach. Life is a learning process. And we are all here to learn from one another.

The bottom line is that life is too short to not appreciate, value and admire yourself. You are glorious. Each one reading this… You are glorious and amazing.


Thoughts by Juhi Jaiswal, Sewa for Synergy with Energy