The power and freedom to choose

The word proactive is a fairly common managerial term nowadays but it is not just limited to taking initiative. It goes beyond that. It also refers to taking full and complete responsibility for one’s life.  Anything that we do, feel, think and perceive is all a result of the decisions that one has made at some point or the other, in their life. These decisions may be made from a conscious, subconscious or unconscious level. But they are their own decisions, nonetheless.

And yes, not everything happens because of a deliberate choice. Yes, sometimes there are things that happen by mistake or because of something that we cannot control. But in such cases also, we need to take responsibility for our reaction or response that these events get. If the event was not in one’s control, at least the response can be, right?

Whenever an event occurs, there is a small window of opportunity where the person can make a choice between a healthy and positive response and an unhealthy and negative reaction. The goal of self-improvement is to increase the size of this window of opportunity so that, in it, one can make good choices and choose positive responses.

Proactive people take charge of their lives and they know that it is only them who can make their lives better. No one else can do it for them. Reactive people, on the other hand, are the opposite of proactive people. They blame the surrounding, people and environment for their life condition. This blame game does not really help anyone as rarely does any problem get solved, by blaming someone for it.

Becoming proactive can change your life. Is it easy to do? Maybe. Maybe not. To some of you, it may even seem like scaling Mt. Everest, but you have to remind yourself that in this climb, you are your own Sherpa! The ability to march up and scale great heights is within you, as is the ability to retreat before the summit. The choice is always yours to make…to be proactive or reactive. Choose now!

This is Juhi signing off, hoping that you make a healthy choice and reap its benefits in your future… Until next time, ciao and take care!

Thoughts of Juhi Jaiswal…

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