On Feeling Good and Affluence

Affluence is not going to bring freedom to people – it is going to tie them up in knots.  ~ Sadhguru

Why do we give money and material possessions so much importance? It’s not because we want to. It is because we have been conditioned to do so. Since we have been children, we have been told by our parents, relatives, friends and society at large, to get a job when we grow up. Nobody tells us to get a job that we love.

Slowly it’s becoming one of the very few things people are constantly thinking about,  one of the few things that they are concerned about and  sometimes even the only thing people run after.

E.g. If we do not drive an expensive car, live in a particular type of house, follow certain ‘hi-fashion statements’ and have a certain amount of bank-balance, we are often times made to feel like we are failures at life. But is this really what makes us successful? Really? Do you seriously think that after we die, people around us are going to care about our ‘economic standard’ or remember us for how many possessions we owned? I think not.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

Isn’t this so true! When someone asks you to remember a person, what matters to you isn’t how affluent they are or what type of car they own… what matters is what kind of human being they are and how you feel around them. Your fondest memories of people you love are dear to you because these people made you feel good, special and loved, not because they were rich or powerful or famous.

They say money cannot buy happiness. Sometimes it may come close, but it is not quite there. Because the most special things cannot be seen or touched but only felt by the heart. And this is precisely the reason why retail therapy doesn’t work. If you are sad, and think that buying new clothes will make you feel better, then you are just a very fashionably well-dressed sad person.

In this competitive world, barring a few people, almost every one is trying to outrun the other. Constant comparison ends up making us feel bad about ourselves resulting in bruised egos and lowered self-esteem. What we need to realize is that it isn’t material gains that will lead us to feel good, it is kindness, passion, humanity and love that will lead us to happiness and feeling good.

Article penned by Juhi Jaiswal

Sewa Done for Synergy with Energy


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