Achieving Greatness

Do you want to live an extraordinary life? If yes, here’s some insight into how that can be made possible:

One way to achieve an extraordinary life is to increase your self- awareness. And for this, self-examination is the first step. Explore your self. Reflect on your life. Try new things. Figure out what you like and what you don’t. Get to know yourself better. Learn about your greatest capacities, hidden strengths and biggest weaknesses. Gain an insight into who you are fundamentally as a person.  If you don’t know all this about your own self, then how will it be possible to go out in the world with your A-game?

Once you are equipped with this knowledge, you can create the magic that you were meant to create. Remember, you were born to do great things. You owe it to this world to shine and if you didn’t, this planet will be a little less of a place.

 Another way to achieve greatness is to set concrete goals. Goals are like the backbone of any attempt to succeed in life. And, goal setting isn’t valuable because of the reward you receive after you’ve achieved the goal. It is valuable because it changes you as a person. Whether the goal was to be a better runner or a better parent, achieving it improves you and makes you a better person. And once you conquer the mountaintop, it also strengthens you.

Often this growth is not obvious and happens at an invisible level. The work it takes to fulfill any goal leaves you with qualities like self-discipline, an in-depth awareness of your life and a discovery of your abilities and potential.

And yes, you may falter on the way to the top but if you really think about it; failing is a matter of choice. Yes, nobody “chooses” to fail. Agreed. But actual failure occurs when a person decides not to stand up, after falling or failing. Nothing can stop a person who is determined to succeed, who refuses to be kept down. All it takes is a decision from the core of your being that no matter what happens, you will march to the beat of your drum, that you will keep walking the path of your life….the path you have decided to tread on, irrespective of the issues that exist or the obstacles that crop up.  Instead of letting them become stopping stones, turn them into stepping-stones.

Another thing you can do is really focus on being great. Like anything that is worth achieving, greatness too requires us to pay attention to it. So, focus on having unlimited passion for your work…whether you’re a rocket scientist/ teacher/ postman/ parent/ spouse/ son/ daughter. Whatever you do, do it with love, sincerity and utmost dedication.. That’s the only way to be great, i.e. to infuse it with all these and wait for the wonders to happen.

Last, but not the least, create extraordinary value in the lives of others. Be truly outstanding in every element of your personal and professional life. Be there for people. Let them know you care. A great person isn’t great because he does great things. He is great because he does small things in a great way.

Article penned by Juhi Jaiswal

Sewa done for Synergy with Energy


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