We all want a happy life. Maybe even a perfect life. And at some level, we all want to avoid problems and tough times. We all want a comfortable life which sails smoothly, don’t we? We certainly don’t want to go through problems ‘willingly’.

If hardship and negative situations come our way; yeah well… what choice do we have? We have to face them and go through them. But at a deeper level, we most definitely do not want adversity. No. No. We do not.


Because is it difficult?




Is it all of the above?

Yes. It’s all of that.

Who wants an experience that leaves us tired, upset, sad, worn out, angry; maybe even broken! Nobody. But did you know that “Adversity is like a strong wind that tears from us all but the things that cannot be torn so that we see ourselves as we really are.” – (Arthur Golden). And if you really think about it, that is exactly what adversity does… brings you face to face with your true self.

It is but natural to want smooth, stable sailing with no choppy crashing waves. But have you ever wondered what makes skillful, experienced and the best sailors? The very same rocky seas, not still waters.

There are some really important character-building lessons and qualities like integrity, growth, perseverance, grit, resilience and humility that only tough times can teach us…. lessons that we cannot learn from a smooth sailing life. Benjamin Disraeli once said: “there is no education like adversity.” Don’t you agree? Adversity is one of the best teachers.

So, what would you rather have…these rock-solid qualities or an easy comfortable life? You need to make a choice today. And it can only be one of the two. If you choose the former, you need to be ready… for anything and everything.

… Because growth happens outside your comfort zone

… Because playing it safe and avoiding adversity lead nowhere

… because struggle builds character and shapes your legacy

… because even if you fail, each defeat brings you closer to victory

Ask anyone. They’ll tell you the same thing. What do you want out of life? You need to make that decision. Nobody can do it for you.

Ride out the storm and see what is what. They say, sometimes the only way out is through. And this is something you can remind yourself when you’re going through a difficult phase. Powering through is not easy but it’s not impossible either.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that you go around asking for trouble or willingly put yourself in a tough situation. Definitely not. All I’m saying is that whenever faced with adversity, you must not run in the other direction. Don’t invite problems and issues, but when they arrive, make sure they do not stay.

Don’t ignore the challenge you are faced with and brush it under the carpet or be in denial about it. And if you realize that’s your style, it might be time to look into it because denial works only for so long; after which one has to face the music.

Personally feel (and you just might agree) that there’s a certain beauty to adversity. There’s something to be said about the human spirit that when faced with hardship or a challenge, comes out stronger and victorious.

Even for coal to turn into a diamond, it has to undergo extreme heat and pressure, doesn’t it? Adversity helps us to forge our character, like turning into steel from iron. Adversity is a chance to draw upon the innate courage, strength and power we all possess.

Part of the problem is that we see problems as just that: problems! Instead of seeing every obstacle and adversity as a blockage; try viewing it as an opportunity: an opportunity to try harder, an opportunity to do better, an opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to try something different, an opportunity to challenge yourself … And this change is perception doesn’t happen overnight. Like anything else that worth doing, change in perception too, comes with awareness, effort, persistence and practice.

To sum it up, I’m reminded of what Motivational guru Robin Sharma writes: “ Do not miss the remarkable opportunity that adversity, even tragedy presents. Your life can even be made better by the things that break your heart.”

So every bump in the road is a chance to go higher. Even basketballs teach us, the harder you fall the higher you bounce. If an inanimate object can do that, then why can’t we?

Thoughts by Juhi Jaiswal…Sewa done for Synergy with Energy


On Absolute Happiness

“It’s pretty hard to tell what brings happiness; poverty and wealth have both failed.” ~ Kin Hubbard

Truth be told, we all want to be happy and all we want is to be happy! Yet, at some point of time, ora the other, we have found it difficult and challenging to do so. When we are surrounded by events that trigger negative feelings, our quest for happiness becomes harder and more complicated. And if it just ended there, perhaps things wouldn’t be that bad.

But sadly, it doesn’t end there.

For some strange reason, we have all started running a rat-race where we constantly compare ourselves to each other, not realising that at the end of the rat-race, no matter what the result, we will still be rats!

And aren’t two people completely unique like fingerprints? When the finger prints of one person’s left hand are different from his right, then how can two different people be in the same league and race? And how can their happiness levels be compared? Does it make any sense for someone to think “He’s so much more happy than me” or “I’m way happier than them”? No, right? What’s even the purpose of such a comparison?

I’m guessing that at some point you’ve thought that happiness is a distant elusive dream. On other days, you may feel that you are quite a happy person. Whatever the case be, whether consciously or unconsciously, we humans are programmed to seek happiness. To understand our quest for happiness and our success/failure at it, we need to understand what happiness means.

There are various philosophies in the world that talk of happiness. Many religions, world leaders, philosophers, thinkers, writers and poets have all expressed their views on it. This article is in reference to the Buddhist philosophy. The Buddhist philosophy talks about two types of happiness. One is relative happiness and the other is absolute happiness.

Relative happiness is something that is dependent on external things and entities acquiring, keeping maintaining and possessing them. Apart from buying and owning material goods, even relationships, honour, praise, glory etc can be sources of relative happiness because if these are taken away, we tend to get hurt, upset and sad.

E.g. When I buy a car, I derive pleasure by using it every day. Now, if this new car is taken away from me, I may feel upset or sad. This is the relative happiness. On the other hand, if I do not let this loss of a new car control my feelings of love, calm, peace, joy….then I am in a state of absolute happiness.

Despite the reality of the challenges of life, every single one of us can find profound happiness in our lives. Absolute happiness is independent of afore mentioned criteria (material goods, relationships, honour, praise, glory etc) and is unconditional.

Absolute happiness involves loving life and living so much, that no amount of adversity or suffering can sway us from our true nature of being happy. The goal is to draw on our own inner resources so that we establish a resilient state of life which is not influenced by anything.

It does seem like a difficult goal but with awareness, mindfulness and consistent effort, we can practice total happiness every day. We have the capacity to feel good and joyous and attain complete happiness, even in situations where we do not get what we want and desire. Often, our happiness has very little to do with receiving and a lot more to do with giving. Especially when you give to someone without any expectation of return, it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world!

It is a dire delusion that happiness can be gained from somewhere other than within ourselves. If one truly wants to achieve complete and total happiness, then there is a need to look deep within… as to what is it that really makes us happy.

Is it taking care of a stray animal?

Is it serving others?

Is it making your kids better humans?

Is it helping a person in need?

Is it writing an anonymous letter of appreciation to someone you know?

Is it praying for someone else’s happiness?

Is it buying a meal for a homeless person?

Is it connecting with nature?

Is it strengthening your mental fortitude?

The three BIG questions are:

Do YOU WANT to be utterly and absolutely happy?

WHAT is it that makes you truly, completely and absolutely happy?

What changes are you ready to make to achieve Absolute Happiness?

Thoughts by Juhi Jaiswal…Sewa done for Synergy with Energy


Perseverance is a 12-letter long word that has a deep and heavy meaning. To be honest, applying it consistently to our daily life can be a bit of a task. Won’t you agree?

We all have had those bouts of laziness and procrastination, every now and then, where we don’t feel like doing what we need to be doing. And at the end of the day, I know we’re only human (which means we will all have our share of struggles).

But have you ever wondered why our attempts at perseverance fluctuate or fail? Why do we give-in to giving up?

There could be multiple reasons. Giving up is easier than roughing it out. Some of us lack the will power and others may not even realise that they have the ability to endure. Some are short of self belief while others have been perseverant for far too long. Whatever the reason be, if you are someone who finds it challenging to be perseverant, this post is for you. J

I was watching a TED Talk in which the speaker talks about the adage: ‘no pain-no gain’ and how the society’s and human mind’s equalisation of pain with gain/growth/success/change isn’t doing any good to anybody, really. So she comes up with a phrase of her own; a concept, which she feels, may make life easier for some people. Her phrase is ‘no pleasure, no treasure.’ Interesting, right?

Just think about it!

Doesn’t it make more sense that if a person likes and enjoys the efforts he puts in his work, the more joy he’ll feel once he reaches the finish line. And not just the finish line, don’t you think they’d even enjoy the process much more? Even if he only ‘perceives’ the work as pleasurable, instead of as painful drudgery; making efforts everyday to achieve those goals may become easier, even effortless too.

On the same note, there was a study where young children were given a neutral task of cleaning a dirty table. Those children who enjoyed making proactive efforts for a clean table were more likely to see the task through. The other kids who found the task meaningless abandoned the task halfway, leaving the table dirty. In this study, the kids who persevered felt the satisfaction of seeing a task through.

On a more personal note, while I was being coached to play basketball, it took me no less than 35 days to score a point on a free-throw. Most of my peers were successful in 7-10 days. So, even though it took me triple the time to learn, I knew there was no way I was gonna quit. Sure, the process was hard… I was not kinaesthetically intelligent and a proficient sports person.  The training used to be during a scorching 45 degrees Celsius. And I had never played any sport formally, before this. But every day, without fail, I would try and try … 50, 70, sometimes even a 100 times. Nothing worked. And then one fine evening, I heard that magical sound that the net makes when it is touched by the basketball, post its diving into it. Sweetest. Sound. Ever!

Apart from skill and talent; seeking and deriving pleasure from work* is crucial to growth and success. Other very important factors include

  • hard work,
  • a positive attitude,
  • looking at the bigger picture,
  • and above all, perseverance

Imagine if a rescue worker (we) are trying to save someone (our life) from getting harmed. And the rescuer doesn’t persevere….the first three and/or any other factors/qualities essentially become meaningless, doesn’t it?

*work does not just refer to paid/ salaried work. Also refers to work done my homemakers.

Thoughts by Juhi Jaiswal…Sewa done for Synergy with Energy


Most of us gossip about some one or the other in life. While we may pretend that it’s concern for the other it’s invariably at the cost of showing someone down or ridiculing and criticising them in front of others but definitely behind the concerned persons backs. We make it seem as though we are superior and know them inside out and have the right and freedom to be judgemental about their lives and situations whereas in reality we know absolutely nothing. GOSSIP MONGERS in fact are the MOST UNTRUSTWORTHY people cause if they are gossiping about others behind their backs be rest assured they would definitely be doing the same behind yours. Some of us thrive on filthy gossip. It only generates negative energies and emotions towards the other and in time act as ENERGY VAMPIRE’S damaging ones own Consciousness.

It takes extreme COURAGE to stop yourself and anyone else to speak in the non presence of the concerned person. It shows your integrity, love and value towards your relationship with both concerned. And most importantly you are protecting and saving your own mental and emotional energies. It enhances your respect and esteem towards your own self.

Live a GOSSIP FREE LIFE and experience better physical, mental, emotional, karmic and spiritual health.

Abundant Love, Light, Blessings and Enlightening Spiritual Energy to us all for a gossip free Life.


Yesterday i went to one of my frequently visited charitable school for underprivileged children at Pune Wagholi which is selflessly run by Mr. Jadhav and his family for over 3 decades.

He along with his mother, wife, young son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and his dedicated team of teachers and administrative staff have been providing free education, free food, clothes, shelter for 300 plus deprived children relentlessly with the limited financial aid they get from Individual contributions and CSR sponsors.

On reaching there and after handing over my humble offering, i sat down with Mr. Jadhav in his cabin to spend a few moments. He seemed extremely disorientated and saddened compared to my last visit experienced. i asked him what was the matter. Just then his wife entered the cabin and he requested me to talk to her as she had gone into deep depression over the past few months. i held her hand and made her sit next to me. As i was doing that i happened to look at a photo frame which was kept on a cupboard near by which I recognised to be their young sons. I guessed that there has been some unbearable and irreparable loss that both Mr. and Mrs. Jadhav had gone through.

With a soft voice, looking deep into her teary eyes, i asked her what had happened? That was enough. She just broke down. Just then Mr. Jadhav said that around 4 months back they had a tragedy in their house where their young son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons all who would have releaved them by taking the responsibility of running this noble Institution forward in times to come……. All four….. ALL FOUR of them were victim to a horrible road accident in which they all died on the spot…..


Here was a poor dedicated family that had sacrificed their entire life to make a huge difference in the upbringing of not 2 to 3 children (we find that a humongous task) but 300 plus poor downtrodden children from early ages of even 3 to 5 yrs whose parents left them at the mercy of this unforseen force who we call God.

i have gone through several phases of depression and in a moment I realised that my depression was nothing but a frivolous game of my mind and its unfulfilled desires? Both Mr. and Mrs. Jadhav though utterly devastated and in deep grief continue to serve all the children in fact now with more love.

i held Mrs. Jadhav’s hands tightly, closed my eyes and being a professional Life Energy Coach and Inspirational Mentor i prayed to the Mother and Father of the Universe our Creator, who we call God to use me as an instrument to give some solace to both their grieved and pained souls.

The next few minutes i experienced a force playing through me and i ended up saying such things to them which i would have never dared to. The powerful words of love and compassion gracefully flowed as unabatedly as Mrs. Jadhav’s tears flowed deeply from her soul. It just felt like I was meant to go there to convey something to them.

They both heard me patiently and felt their son giving them a strong message that they all are fine and in a safe and loving place of light and that they are being protected by them at every given time. Requesting them not to be saddened as it stalls their ascension process instead be happy that there is no other way than God’s way and that they should quickly accept the Divine will for them to move on in their souls journey.

After conveying what the force wished me to, we said a prayer for the departed souls and we hugged each other and i took their blessings and took their leave committing that starting immediately I would visit the Gurukul Ashram every Monday for 1 hour to conduct my Synergy with Energy Meditation for the benefit of all at the School.

MY PARTING NOTE IS….. to please re – read the image posted with this.

THINK THINK THINK friends……….. A split second is all it will take for our loved ones to transcend and travel to the next world.

What are we arguing, quarrelling, lying, fighting, abusing, backbiting, bitching, blaming, complaining etc… in our lives.



Pl read….. re – read and share this with as many family and friends. You never know how you can impact another’s Life.

Abundant Love, Light, Blessings and Enlightening Spiritual Awakening Energy 2 us all.


Thou art that….. Ek tu hi tu…..

Does one really need to go anywhere else other than the caves of our own divine Spiritual Hearts…..

Go within… Go within…. Go within. Listen to all the saints, sages, seers, mystics, masters of time immemorial….. All they say is Go within….. Go within….. Go within….

The question really is…. who needs to go within?

It’s our own mind with its 5 outwardly running senses that ceaselessly consume our Soul’s Consciousness Energy.
We are living in highly exhilarating times where we are all multitasking and draining our precious energies through scattered thoughts, words, feelings, emotions and actions.

The mind has to be centered time and time again. It has to be reconnected with its Source Energy. It has to be silenced for it to get the license for entry into its own spirit.

Every day sit in Silence focusing on your breath for regular short intervals and rejuvenate your mind body and spirit.

Meditation, Pranayam, Yoga and Spirituality are not some fashion statements. Its your time of Soul Connect. Do it for yourself. You deserve a great life of Peace, Joy and Happiness.

Abundant Love, Light, Blessings and Enlightening Spiritual Energy to us all.


Many of us will identify with the massive Spiritual Awakening that we as individuals and collective human beings are experiencing. Many of us are breaking away for our old conditioning by shedding our past psychic impressions as they do not serve our highest good and fit with the shifted consciousness of the limited 3rd Dimensional world.

We are all being given the chance of evolving to higher levels of expanded awareness and consciousness. Mind you there is no force it’s a chance given for us to make our own choice out of free will

As this process happens one experiences tremendous changes in ones thinking, attitudes, perceptions and brings about a radical change in the deep rooted belief systems of the old energies. This change at first seems very challenging and at times makes you loose out on family, friends and relatives as they cannot digest your breaking away from the away from the old you into the new.

Don’t fret. Don’t be hard on yourself or others. Keep evolving yourself. Let the new consciousness transform you completely. You will feel the shift and when that happens you would have created your own paradise and this aura will attract all those people who need to be in the journey of your spiritual awakening. Those who are not…… Just remember…… They were not meant to be. Just send your love and healing vibrations to them. That will help them in their Awakening. Be a Lightworker in the lives of others. Don’t think you can’t make a difference. Its all about purity of intentions. Just remember…… EACH OF US HAS BEEN BLESSED WITH THE POWER TO BLESS.

Abundant Love, Light, Blessings and Enlightening Spiritual Energy to us all.


Generally the tendency of most of us is to ridicule and make fun of others, rarely on the face but most definitely behind the back.

We tend to do that because we see something in the other which is essentially missing in us and deep down we wish that we had that trait, feeling or experience. Never allow someone else’s comments and judgements to effect your tree of fruits of goodness. You keep sharing your gifts of fruits…. keep spreading the fragrance of your flowers. Be NISWARTH (selfless) and NIDARR (fearless).

Remember from the beginning in the present and the end…… there is nothing that you are doing for others…… Its for YOURSELF and for your own KARMIC ACCOUNT with your MASTER …… your CREATOR.

Be TRUE to your SELF.

Spread your Abundant Love, Light, Blessings and Enlightening Spiritual Energy to all always……


The moment you change your conditioned perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body which creates your conducive Positive Energy Aura”*

All is the minds game. As soon as we are ready to accept changes, accept to be more healthy, accept to be more happy, accept to be more loving, accept to be more forgiving, accept to be more abundant, accept to be fearless….. there will be chemical and biological changes in our Mind, Body and Soul, then only we will be truly healed and happy.

So acceptance is the key and then the more belief, trust and faith you will have in the process, the faster and better results you will attract and experience.

This cannot be so much explained in words but is an experiential truth.

Work on changing your conditioned perceptions and change your energy vibrations and the emitted frequencies to the Universe and *live your life rather than life living you.*

❤Abundant Love, Light, Blessings and Enlightening Spiritual Energy to us all. Have a wonderful day ahead ❤


Trust yourself in every way.

The Phoenix within Earth is at its ultimate highest. Take a look around… outside your world… fires are burning all necessary areas that are needing to change.

Fire represents purfication creating newness to rise from the ash. Devastation brings people to reflect and appreciate a new understanding to their life. Where there is lose (death) there is always rebirth.

Be at peace with your experiential pains as your new life on the other side of this discomfort shall lift you to where your spirit always intended to be in this most beautiful magical time on Earth.

Trust yourself in every way. You are given everything at the right time as you can handle it all, believe all is in perfect harmony for you.

Abundant Love, Light, Blessings and Enlightening Spiritual Energy to us all.